ISDC 2008

The New Pace of Space

The 27th Annual ISDC - Washington DC - May 29-June 21

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  The National Space Society invites you to

join the excitement in Orlando, Florida,

on May 28 – May 31 for what promises to be

the biggest and best citizens’ space conference of all time.



The International Space Development Conference (ISDC) is the annual conference for the National Space Society and has grown into the largest public space conference of the year.  It is a national gathering for space-interested leaders and citizens to connect, re-energize and make plans for the future.



Congressman Nick Lampson at ISDC 2008 Burt Rutan wins an award at ISDC 2008 NASA panel discussion at ISDC 2008 Yuri's Night panel at ISDC 2008 Space art exhibit at ISDC 2006 Space advocates at ISDC Exhibits at ISDC 2006





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ISDC 2009 is hosted by the
NSS Florida Space Coast chapter

at the
Omni Orlando Resort at ChampionsGate